Bootlegs of Spanish Vinyl

Score! The missing Dylan box from my Dylan bootleg collection, long the subject of my desiring. From Spain, no less, directly into my heart. Small Dylan factoid: many have written that it was Dylan’s music that, through his obsessional record-collecting fan base, gave rise to the very first bootlegs. The heart wants what it wants. The record that started it all: “The Basement Tapes” (Columbia Records, 1975). Oh, and there’s a crazy new incarnation of that flash point moment in Bob’s songwriting career: “Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes,” T Bone Burnett’s crazy attempt to add a contemporary spin to that timeless moment of creativity by getting musicians to compose songs for a stash of lyrics Bob wrote but then lost track of. It remains to be seen how this effort will land. I predict a lot of fussing, one way or another.

Dylan Boot