Transoccupational Hazards

Modern life. So, my blog needed some maintenance, and I thought I’d put it up on blocks on the front lawn, for all the neighbors to see, and get shit done under the hood. It’s a guy thing, that fantasy of pulling wrenches for the betterment of my bits. And whammo, the weeks rolled by, the weeds grew up through my dashboard, and all my other occupations that occupy me came visiting. The days rolled by softly and quietly, and before I knew it I hadn’t posted anything in weeks. Well, that’s gonna change. I got my blog down off her blocks, fired it up, and here we go. Looks a lot like it did, but it runs a whole lot better under the hood. There’s still a ton of cool music out there, and the music industry is just as fucked up as ever. This fact is obvious when you see poor Barnes & Noble trying to figure out how to get in on some of those rising vinyl dollars, bless em. Seeing displays like this one, however, make me wonder how they’d be doing if they were just starting out selling those crazy new things called books. Damn!

Classic Vinyl