Fill Your Ears

Bog Ears 2016

I’ll be proudly serving my music masters at Indie Street Radio in a couple of weeks at the 2016 installment of the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee. For a limited time you can grab a download (100% free and legal) with 18 tracks by some of the cool artists who’ll be appearing. I’ll have an official press and photo pass, so I’ll get to stick my nose in everything. Then I’ll be writing up blog posts for a few weeks after the event. We’ll try to do a real-time live podcast as the event is unfolding. If it works you’ll get to hear what I sound like along with Nick Rennis (he sounds much cooler than I do). As for my vox, don’t get your hopes up. I don’t sound much different from you. Probably even less so.

The Light’s a Fire of Gold Lying Around

Okkervil River at Seattle’s Showbox Market last year, from my private stash. OK people, you can have it all! OR has released FREE records in the past, collections of covers. They come from their private stash, and they go. Well, they not only added a THIRD collection, but they put up the other two as well, again, 100% FREE and legal, on their website. You can get them all here. Do not be slow. Jump on this right now. Yes, right now. The first two collections are awesome, too, especially the cover of the Bill Fay song, “Plan D.”

Okkervil River

Grab a Little Hurricane


I discovered Little Hurricane by accident, when I heard their music playing on a PA system during the setup for another show I was covering. They weren’t playing in our area, but their sound just filled my head. I loved em! And just today I got an email saying they had a fee album download on their website. So, go get it! It’s all covers, but you’ll get a taste of what they do. Just go to their website and click the big “Free MP3” button. Go on, click it. Click it!

Civil Wars in the Attic


Through my own efforts at songwriting and music producing over the past few years I’ve voraciously pursued the art and artists generally tagged “singer/songwriter.” This pursuit eventually lead me to The Civil Wars. Before it disappears, be sure to grab a free download (100% legal) of “Live at Eddie’s Attic.” The set is casual, like most of their live appearances, with bar sounds and stage banter. In 2012 the band was on “hiatus,” but a new record has been announced for this year. Barton Hollow is a modern classic of the genre.

Still Time to Get Some ATO Love



Hurry, grab this free download while you still can (100% free and legal). Yes, you can get an Alabama Shakes song, but that’s not the gem here, in my opinion. It’s Stars! Alberta Cross is pretty sweet, too, and Everest, and let’s not forget Patterson Hood (I have a bit of a secret weakness for the Drive-By Truckers, which I guess isn’t a secret any more). Look, it’s all pretty cool. But Stars. Stars! The Five Ghosts, what a record.

American Songwriter Sampler


Music magazines frequently offer cool samplers of new music. Sometimes getting them takes some digging around their websites to figure out how to find them and download them. This one is super easy (100% free and legal). (I’m a big fan of Justin Townes Earle.) The current issue of American Songwriter magazine has a nice, but a little brief, piece on the evolution of the The Japandroids.

Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band


Josh Ritter has a new record just released, “The Beast in its Tracks” (Pytheas Recordings/YepRoc Records, 2013), which is sitting here on my desk waiting for me to review it. Which I will be doing, soon. To celebrate the release, Ritter has posted “Live at The Inveagh Gardens” (2011) as a 100% free and legal download on NoiseTrade. I’ve been a fan of Ritter’s work since his stunning “Animal Years” (V2 Records, 2006), which is still available on vinyl as a reissue. Hey, great artist. Free music! He’s on tour as well. One of the leading lights on the Indie circuit right now.