I’ll Take a Piece of That


I see at least one “crowd source” invitation a week these days in my e-mail from new bands soliciting support to produce new records or videos. Some of my artist friends don’t like the idea of crowd sourcing. They say it cheapens art. I like the idea of crowd sourcing if for no other reason because it allows artists to maintain control over their work all the way to the final release, especially when it makes it easier for them to release vinyl LPs (and not just digital downloads). My latest invitation (from a long-establish band that I have collected for years) is from the Ohio-based band Over the Rhine (I have a certified weakness for this band; “Drunkard’s Prayer,” 2005, is a perfect record). Their latest LP, “The Farm,” is scheduled for release this fall. So I decided to buy into this project and see what happens. I’ll write about it here.

Music (and life) is all about the relationships (it’s Mother’s Day, need I say more?). Even when bands never personally connect with their fans, fans still feel a personal attachment. I don’t know what to expect from this experiment, which is what makes this such a fun thing to try. It’s risky, too. If I get treated badly, it might taint my feelings about these musicians. But that’s what life is all about, testing relationships to destruction. True friends stay with each other. True family stay with each other. True artists love the love from their fans. (Oh, and do remember to send your mother a nice message today!)

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