A Fire Inside Me

I have a simple goal: take in all of the ideas, all of the songs, all of the books of poetry and stories and history, all of the sentences and words and notes ever played, all of the sensual loves, all of the bitter hates, all of the fiery and misplaced jealousies, all of the confused drug-addled madness, all of the frozen rage, all of the tender beauty, all of the passion and paralysis and risk of this gorgeous, mean, burning world, and then die. That’s all I want. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think it is.

Cold Specks

She’s Got That Soulful Shine

Al Spx brought her band, Cold Specks, to Seattle’s Neptune Theatre in Seattle, Washington, 15 May 2013. Cold Specks, touring in support of I Predict a Graceful Expulsion, their first LP, opened for the mountain mystic Jim James at the sixth annual Little Big Show, a fund raiser for The Vera Project in Seattle. I think this must account for the house not being completely sold out, or for so many signed copies of Regions of Light and Sound of God LP going unsold.

That night, I thought we’d get a short set from James. Instead, we got almost three hours of stunning live music. I spent the evening next to the guy filming the show for KEXP, Seattle’s godlike indie radio station. By the end of the evening everyone holding a camera was wiped out. Be sure to check out my Jim James shots, posted earlier this month.