The Snarl and the Roar

This is a cool article by Cary Tennis, who writes for Salon. About his days when he identified with punk music. It’s interesting that the punk he connects with in this article goes back to The Roxy in London, and to bands like the Buzzcocks, what we might label today as the “first wave” of punk. I get it. Angry young misfits. The Roxy punk recordings were big in my life. On my recent trip to London I tracked down some of that very music on vinyl in Soho. However, subsequent waves of punk have, with some bands, deemphasized the violence of punk. Bands like Fugazi opposed the old-school violence at their live shows, and created some of the most timeless music of the genre. Cary still plays guitar and has an authentic slow hand. I’d love to get him onto my record label, Untide Records.

Cary also runs one of the best writing workshops in the country. I attended one of his workshops near Point Reyes, at Tomales, California, and it was amazing. Seriously, if you’re serious about your writing, check him out. This man will change your life.