The Only Truth is Music

I think it was Jack Kerouac who said he would one day find the right words, and when he did, they would be simple. Mount Eerie‘s short acoustic tour this summer, opening for Bonnie “Prince” Billy, has been a study in such simplicity. The final night of their joint tour found them in The Neptune Theatre in Seattle. A fitting venue, with neptune’s face high above the stage, the ancient god of waters, with his green glowing eyes. And Mount Eerie (Phil Elverum) is all about the mysteries of water, island dharma, and watery places under the stars.

This Man Has a Love and a Darkness

A rare sighting in the Pacific Northwest: Bonnie “Prince” Billy (Will Oldham), playing solo and acoustic in the wicked metropolis, at The Neptune Theatre, in Seattle. This was the first time I had to shoot an entire show sitting down, on a chair, with the stage towering above me, empty except for a bar stool and a microphone, a man and his message. Still, alone on stage with just his guitar and his songs and his biting social commentary, he makes an essential statement in our times. If you get a chance to see Mr. Oldham’s solo acoustic tour, be sure you shout out, between songs of course, something about having hope in dark times. Go ahead, I dare you.

He Sees a Darkness: Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Finally, a chance to photograph an Indie legend, Will Oldham, who performs under the name Bonnie “Prince” Billy, live at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky, but has deep ties to the Pacific Northwest. I took a lot of pictures and will post two sets, one of his performance, and the other of Phil Elverum, who fronts two bands: Mount Eerie and The Microphones. Phil is equally mysterious. Both artists have been extraordinarily productive in their careers. This was my first shoot where I had to remain seated the entire time, which presents a whole different set of challenges.