Ruff Pop: Bleeding Rainbow

Pretty ballsy trying to take an institutional name like “Reading Rainbow” and make it your band’s name. It didn’t work. Feathers were ruffled and plucked. So this Philadelphia group was forced to rebrand themselves with the gentle name of Bleeding Rainbow. (Points for balls, but… To be honest, “Reading Rainbow” isn’t even a very good name for a reading program. I’m just saying. And I like books. Really, I do. I’m “pro” book.) The new name fits their bite. They thrashed as the opening act last night (4 May) at the Showbox Market for The Cave Singers. If they (and their guitars) survive as a band, if they settle down to one style and one focus, they’ll take their rightful place among the powerful crash poppers of today. Oh, and I wanted to grab a vinyl copy of their latest record, but the band packed up before the evening was over (I can order it, but it will slow down the review process). Why pack your merch hundreds of miles to these remote Northwestern shores and not stick around long enough to get my cash?