They Can Dance on My Lawn… Any Time

The first time playing The Shakedown Tavern, and indeed Bellingham, by the band’s own admission, last night we were treated to a rare sighting of The Cave Singers in a very small house. Holding just 88 patrons, The Shakedown is small-bar country, and it still wasn’t a sold-out evening. But for the faithful, it was an almost unmatched pleasure seeing a band of their mastery playing up close, on a hot summer night. If you’ve even listened to one of The Cave Singers LPs you’ll have noticed their full sound. And it’s just fours guys (three last night; Morgan Henderson wasn’t present, but we still got Pete Quirk, Derek Fudesco, and Marty Lund). Recording artists running with the big-dog labels Matador and Jagjaguwar. Tonight they play the New Frontier Lanes Lounge in Tacoma, another tiny shop. If you’re into last-minute screaming road trips down I-5 hell-bent on seeing top-tier talent in a small venue, saddle up. Do it now! Hell, I might even do it, too. Call me. We can share gas money.