Still On Their Fast Train

A rare sighting at the Mississippi Studios of Seattle’s The Maldives, a band still driving hard on their latest record, “Muscle for the Wing” (Spark and Shine, 2012). The ten-year mark is tough on bands, a testing time. And the road tests everyone, mile after mile. In a time of too many choices, too much “new” arriving every day, it’s a good thing to have bands you can count on. The Maldives is one band that powers on past the easy comparisons and empty predictions, to stay the course and do what they do. No small talk and no goodbyes. Tough as train smoke.

Wings in the Dark

My first sighting of The Maldives, a Northwest legend. Two of them anyway. They were the first opening act for Justin Townes Earle. Homegrown alt-country in the great Pacific Northwest.