Because They Create

“A good way to rid one’s self of a sense of discomfort is to do something. That uneasy, dissatisfied feeling is actual force vibrating out of order; it may be turned to practical account by giving proper expression to its creative character.” —William Morris

The Cave Singers

Mix Masters

[This is a repost. I had to fix some problems. We all have problems.] Sur Une Plage opened for The Cave Singers at The Shakedown Tavern. A nice, if eccentric, add on. There isn’t much information about this two-piece band on the interwebs. Two dudes with a lot of gear. Looks like they play gigs around Vancouver, BC. They have a cool Bandcamp page.


Possessing a Resplendent Light

If you haven’t had the singular pleasure of listening to The Cave Singers on vinyl, you should make the time. Slow down, and make the time. I had thought their latest record, “Naomi” (Jagjaguwar, 2013), was out of print on vinyl. But just the other day I saw copies in a local record shop.

I made some notes about the band’s recent Shakedown set, so I’m posting them here, just because. Every Cave Singers LP has a complete LP feel to it, so exploring more than the top track or two is a rewarding analog adventure. This is also a band that writes songs with haunting, layered lyrics. Having the artifact in hand, whether it be a CD or LP, gets you into the song lyrics as much as the entire sonic landscape (with my Rega turntable, they be sonic). The Shakedown set was, by my reckoning (I might have missed a song title or two), mostly built from their earlier records, which are out of print on vinyl. Still, treat yourself. Buy “Naomi” and let this amazing band speak to you.

Leap (from “Welcome Joy“)
Clever Creatures (from “No Witch“)
Summer Light (from “Welcome Joy”)
At the Cut (from “Welcome Joy”)
Shrine (from “Welcome Joy”)
Helen (from “Invitation Songs“)
Swim Club (from “No Witch”)
Haller Lake (from “No Witch”)
Beach House (from “Welcome Joy”)
Faze Wave (from “No Witch”; I LOVE this track, which you can see performed live here)
No Prosecution If We Bail  (from “No Witch”)
Black Leaf (from “No Witch”)

The Cave Singers

The Furious Moment

My new favorite band. I went back to The Shakedown Tavern last night to check on upcoming shows and found one of the Baltic Cousins‘ set lists still on the barroom floor. Bars! You gotta love ’em. Controlled chaos. The band had these titles listed for the night:

Mark Twain Was There & He Was Crying (from “The Broken Horn“)
Bear Traps (from “The Broken Horn”)
Never Hold Your Breath (from “The Broken Horn”)
Hurricane Able (from “The Broken Horn”)
You Are Bound (from “For the Hell of Us“)
How I Look (from “For the Hell of Us”)
Holy Stones (from “For the Hell of Us”; I totally LOVE this track)
Indianapolis (from “Demo“)

Think post-punk with a lot more reach, lyrically speaking. So, here are a few more pictures from their recent show at The Shakedown. Hey, it’s my blog. I can do whatever the fuck I want.

Sell Your Car, Buy a Piano

Loud, bitey, hooky: Bellingham’s own, the Baltic Cousins, shredding open the evening with The Cave Singers, a couple of nights ago at The Shakedown Tavern. If you want a one-song introduction to this band’s skills, check out “Holy Stones,” from their 2011 release, “For the Hell of Us.” Smart lyrics and memorable songwriting. They’ll be returning to The Shakedown in August. Darkness is good.

They Can Dance on My Lawn… Any Time

The first time playing The Shakedown Tavern, and indeed Bellingham, by the band’s own admission, last night we were treated to a rare sighting of The Cave Singers in a very small house. Holding just 88 patrons, The Shakedown is small-bar country, and it still wasn’t a sold-out evening. But for the faithful, it was an almost unmatched pleasure seeing a band of their mastery playing up close, on a hot summer night. If you’ve even listened to one of The Cave Singers LPs you’ll have noticed their full sound. And it’s just fours guys (three last night; Morgan Henderson wasn’t present, but we still got Pete Quirk, Derek Fudesco, and Marty Lund). Recording artists running with the big-dog labels Matador and Jagjaguwar. Tonight they play the New Frontier Lanes Lounge in Tacoma, another tiny shop. If you’re into last-minute screaming road trips down I-5 hell-bent on seeing top-tier talent in a small venue, saddle up. Do it now! Hell, I might even do it, too. Call me. We can share gas money.

Cave Soundcheck

I’m busy working up a set of pictures from the show last night with The Cave Singers. It was their first time playing in Bellingham, Washington, and it was my first soundcheck shoot. It just fell out that way. The evening was starting late. The doors were open, so I went in, and grabbed some way cool shots of the band and their gear. One of the hardest working bands in the business.

The Cave Singers