Sera Cahoone and Her Crocodile

Once again, Sera Cahoone is on the road supporting her latest record, “Deer Creek Canyon” (Sub Pop, 2012). She opened to a sold-out audience for Gregory Alan Isakov, from Colorado. It was a perfect pairing of artists and mood. This time out Sera isn’t traveling with her full band, so the music and the evening was quiet and intimate.

Lightning Strike

Chris Brokaw playing his Fender Jaguar at the Come reunion performance at The Crocodile in Seattle. The drummer for Codeine. Then guitar in Come. Plus numerous solo records and soundtracks. The man even runs his own record label, Capitan Records, where he releases his material on cassettes, CDs, and vinyl. (CDs are fading from view these days, while first-run cassette albums and singles are roaring back!) If you don’t know Codeine, you must explore “Frigid Stars,” “Barely Real,” and “The White Birch,” which have all been released again in sumptuous vinyl packages by The Numero Group and Sub Pop. Sub Pop was spooky cool in the bands they scouted and signed in the early 90s.


You Are So Not Alone

I say it over and over and over, in almost every review I write, that being in a band is a hard grind these days. Here’s at least one small stat to back me up. 40,000 bands in Seattle, and Seattle isn’t at the head of the list. Can you guess which city in the U.S. is #1? And what’s up with Tacoma, Washington (Niko Case’s home town, and mine, back in the day)? I’m just saying, if you want to make your band your life’s work, better get out there and play gigs. Lots of gigs. Oh, and give away music samplers, lots of free samplers.

An Etchings App Photo

(Sera Cahoone playing at The Shakedown Tavern in Bellingham, Washington.)