Crash Tested & Road Ready

The Mastersons, Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore, are two very hard-working musicians originally from Denton, Texas. They’re not only writing and producing their own records, they also contribute to the records and tour for Steve Earle. It’s good to be busy in these hard times. Their debut record, “Birds Fly South” (New West Records, 2012) is playful, confessional, and just a little bitey, lyrically speaking. It’s good to bite back in these hard times. They’re currently touring with Steve Earle and mentioned that they’ll be going back into the studio to create their second LP. They appeared with Earle in Seattle at the Neptune Theatre, 29 September.

Steve Earle in Color

A small selection of my photos of Steve Earle in color. The band travels with an amazing selection of guitars, all works of art in themselves.

“I make shit up. It’s my job.”

Steve Earle sharing some thoughts with the audience about his songs and approach to songwriting. Steve and his bland played the Neptune Theatre in Seattle on Sunday. A dark, stormy day in the city. Rain soaked us all, waiting in line an hour before the doors opened. The Mastersons (Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore) opened the evening, then joined Steve and played a huge set, for a couple of hours, including many songs from his new LP, “The Low Highway” (2013, New West Records). This is one talented group of people. The Masterson’s debut LP, “Birds Fly South” (2012), also with New West Records, is an amazing debut piece of songwriting. After the show Steve and his band met fans, signed records, and even let people take group photos. Old school journeymen musicians.