American Songwriter Sampler


Music magazines frequently offer cool samplers of new music. Sometimes getting them takes some digging around their websites to figure out how to find them and download them. This one is super easy (100% free and legal). (I’m a big fan of Justin Townes Earle.) The current issue of American Songwriter magazine has a nice, but a little brief, piece on the evolution of the The Japandroids.

Poem or song? Song or poem?

This is the wind, the wind in a
field of corn.
Great crowds are fleeing from
a major disaster
Down the long valleys, the
green swaying wadis,
Down through the beautiful
catastrophe of wind.

A fragment of writing by James Fenton. I challenge any literature professor to argue this is not a song, or not a poem, or both. Songs live all around us, and go by many names.