Feel the Burn

Time to expand your minds, people. Time to get in touch with your inner revivalist, and stretch them genres. Los Angeles and bluegrass. I know! Meet Rose’s Pawn Shop. You can almost feel the burn. And judging by the company this band keeps (simple folk like Jack White, Conor Oberst, Jamieson “Junior” Brown, and Flogging Molly—LA Irish punks, more stretching needed there, too, I’m afraid—you can do it!), there’s something coming in the air, something big and rootsy. Yes, there be a few urban legends already floating around about how this band got it’s name, but that’s not important right now. It’s not about who stole what, or where it got pawned, or not. What’s important right now is the sound and this band’s stage presence—they can punch holes right through the darkness. RPS is out on a mini tour for their current record, “Gravity Well” (Self Released, 2014). I caught up with them and did my stretching in Portland, Oregon, at Mississippi Studios.