In a Red Room

Arrington de Dionyso performing live at the Barboza in Seattle. The room was red, and the music was trance world chant, with harp. Arrington is one very talented performance artist, with several LPs with K Records. He also creates mystical paintings and books. His visual art is as striking as his music. You can see more of his art here.

Arrington de Dionyso


Holed-Up with Joan of Arc

The Barboza in Seattle is a subterranean bar with a stage. It’s a bar under a bar. Neumos is the larger bar and stage directly over it. It’s a dark space before every show, and gets darker after every shows starts. Taking pictures down there is always a mysterious process. Sometimes you come home with nothing. This time I embraced my inner redness. I think they only have red light bulbs down there, too. Joan of Arc, from Chicago, played the Barboza at the end of September. They’re out on the road promoting their latest record, “Testimonium Songs,” (2013) from those amazing people at Polyvinyl Records.