The Light’s a Fire of Gold Lying Around

Okkervil River at Seattle’s Showbox Market last year, from my private stash. OK people, you can have it all! OR has released FREE records in the past, collections of covers. They come from their private stash, and they go. Well, they not only added a THIRD collection, but they put up the other two as well, again, 100% FREE and legal, on their website. You can get them all here. Do not be slow. Jump on this right now. Yes, right now. The first two collections are awesome, too, especially the cover of the Bill Fay song, “Plan D.”

Okkervil River

For Bill Fay

Thought is metal. Thought is riot. Thought is punk. Thought is madness. Thought is sanity. Thought is woman. Thought is man. Thought is pain. Thought is hope. Thought is fear. Thought is nothing. Thought is searching. Thought is breath. Thought is stone. Thought is God. Thought is everything. Thought is beat. Thought is fire. Thought is soft. Thought is silent. Thought is trespass. Thought is free. Thought is war. Thought is priceless. Thought is noticed. Thought is forgotten. Thought is yours. Thought is peace. Thought is time. Thought is me. Thought is loneliness. Thought is love. Thought is you.

Thank you.


I and I

Are you there to build a spire that blocks out the sky?
Your doors are open but are your minds?
Get down

And if you’re sane yes I’m mad him good him bad
My knees are not bleeding from kneeling
In death’s cathedral

Well now soon plan D
Will be released and the sea shall rise
And the skies open

Bill Fay

(From Bill Fay’s song, “Plan D,” which was covered by Okkervil River on their “Golden Opportunities 2” free collection from their website. Will Sheff released two free covers collections, the other being “Golden Opportunities Mixtape.” I’m not sure if they still have them up on the web. Get them if you can.)

Okkervil River

Joy Like a Fountain

Matthew E. White returned to the Showbox Market to open for Okkervil River. Last time he and his band came through town he opened for The Mountain Goats. His brand new EP, “Outer Face,” is with Domino Records.