The Furious Moment

My new favorite band. I went back to The Shakedown Tavern last night to check on upcoming shows and found one of the Baltic Cousins‘ set lists still on the barroom floor. Bars! You gotta love ’em. Controlled chaos. The band had these titles listed for the night:

Mark Twain Was There & He Was Crying (from “The Broken Horn“)
Bear Traps (from “The Broken Horn”)
Never Hold Your Breath (from “The Broken Horn”)
Hurricane Able (from “The Broken Horn”)
You Are Bound (from “For the Hell of Us“)
How I Look (from “For the Hell of Us”)
Holy Stones (from “For the Hell of Us”; I totally LOVE this track)
Indianapolis (from “Demo“)

Think post-punk with a lot more reach, lyrically speaking. So, here are a few more pictures from their recent show at The Shakedown. Hey, it’s my blog. I can do whatever the fuck I want.

Sell Your Car, Buy a Piano

Loud, bitey, hooky: Bellingham’s own, the Baltic Cousins, shredding open the evening with The Cave Singers, a couple of nights ago at The Shakedown Tavern. If you want a one-song introduction to this band’s skills, check out “Holy Stones,” from their 2011 release, “For the Hell of Us.” Smart lyrics and memorable songwriting. They’ll be returning to The Shakedown in August. Darkness is good.