Rising Sign: Rah Rah


Welcome to the newest addition to my blog, “Rising Signs,” short snapshots I’ve written super fast to share with you some of the bands I’ve discovered in my wandering, bands that are emerging that I just feel in my bones will find their way into wider appreciation. Isn’t collecting music, especially vinyl, just the most perfect addiction? My first Rising Sign: Rah Rah.

I recently discovered this band and this sampler of their work and became a very busy bunny learning more about their work (I only point you to downloads that are 100% free and legal, because the generosity of a new band to share a few songs for free deserves my undying love and cash money for the real thing, CDs and vinyl; that’s the embodiment of win/win in my collector’s play book). This band has an infectious lyric style, hooky and thoughtful and bursting with energy. Love the song “Prairie Girl.” This is a fine sampling of where this band is heading. Grab it and shake hands with these lively Canadians. They have a new record just released (“The Poet’s Dead“) and will be in Seattle this month at The Sunset Bar. I have my ticket and will be at the show plenty early to capture what they get up to, and will write about it, naturally. Quick, like a happy, busy bunny.