Father John Misty with Bunny

Father John Misty (Joshua Tillman) is out touring solo on his new LP, “Fear Fun” (Sub Pop, 2012). It’s a thing now, using stage lighting that makes it almost impossible for an audience to see clearly who’s on stage, and what they’re doing. It was dark. I suppose this is a kind of performance-art tour thing, this tour. I went for the songs. Comedian Kate Berlant opened the evening with a lecture on her life and times, with slides. I’m tempted to say the overall evening feeling was comedic. It was certainly lighter (?), more casual (?) in mood, than, say a Fleet Foxes show. Of course, Tillman has done a lot more in his career than he did in his short stint in the Foxes.

Last night’s show was at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, which is still undergoing renovation, with temporary seating instead of installed seats. The exposed concrete flooring and slight work-site feeling added to the evening’s exploratory, experimental vibe.