Part of Me Is Here, Part of Me Is Gone

“Don’t be frightened and sad because I am not coming back any more. Learn, my child, to look at life as a serious matter. Life is hard, it does not pamper anybody, and for every time it strokes you it gives you ten blows….

“…but don’t let it defeat you. Decide to fight. Have courage and clear goals and you will win over life.

“I kiss your hair, eyes, and mouth, I stroke you and hold you in my arms….”

[A short excerpt of a letter written by Milada Horakova to her 16-year-old daughter the night before she was executed in Prague. Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and even Eleanor Roosevelt, along with many others, signed a petition in an attempt to save her life. Milada died for her ideals. But she lived for her child. She wrote a mother’s letter for her daughter. Be brave. Be kind. Be fierce. Be you.]