A Higher State of Reality

Liam Finn, carving out his own post-modern epoch, in song, wrapped up his current tour at the mighty Tractor Tavern in Ballard, Washington. (Ballard is like the fun younger brother of Seattle who likes to stay up late, and who always needs a designated driver to get home.) The show had everything, including wardrobe changes and a theremin-like thing that Finn insisted wasn’t a theremin. Finn is touring on his stylish new LP from Yep Roc Records, called “The Nihilist,” a lavish double LP in a gatefold sleeve that you must buy before it goes out of print forever. Yummy. Next up, Finn, who hails from New Zealand, will take on the UK and the EU. Finn’s nihilism is much more that of Kierkegaard than Heidegger, plus you can dance to Finn. Every rebellion runs smoother when dancing is involved. I’m just saying.

They Danced

The West, from Seattle, opened for Liam Finn at The Tractor Tavern this week. And they danced. People in Seattle can dance. If they want to. I’m dancing right this minute. In my mind. I’m always dancing, in my mind. It’s a Northwest thing. Think about it.