Lovers Without Borders: Karl Blau

Legendary, longtime (and a little shy) K Records recording artist Karl Blau appeared with his latest band, Lovers Without Borders, at The Business in Anacortes, Karl’s hometown, as part of the shop’s 35th anniversary celebration. In addition to Karl, LWB includes Jessica Bonin on drums, and Alex Parrish on guitar. LWB just released their first 7 inch and will play a few select gigs around the Pacific Northwest. Karl will also appear solo at the Crocodile in Seattle on May 21st. I’ll be there.

My next band encounter will be those Seattle favorites, The Cave Singers (who must live their entire lives on the road, seeing little of their home caves, naturally), this Saturday, 4 May, at the Showbox Market.


Bordom Relief DIY

This is what happens when I do too much spring power washing outside instead of listening to cool records and writing about cool music and hanging out in dark clubs taking pictures of live shows: I work out ways to arrange natural objects, in this case polished stones, into the shapes of record-label logos. The legendary K Records based in Olympia, Washington. I mean, LAKE, The Microphones, Karl Blau, and so many more. Works every time. Just seeing the logo fills my mind with music. But I still have to finish the power