Honeyhoney opened the evening for Jake Bugg, at the Neptune Theatre, in Seattle. They’re out supporting the release of their debut LP, “Billy Jack” (Lost Highway, 2011).

It Comes from His Heart and Soul

Meet the Juggernaut: Jake Bugg. Real name: Jacob Edwin Kennedy, 19, from Nottingham, England. I first saw Jake open for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Snow Patrol in Vancouver, BC. He came out onto this enormous stage, alone, with Gallagher’s massive gear towering over him, and played all the songs he had. And Bugg was the best part of that show (Gallagher was almost too angry even for himself to cope with, and I skipped Snow Patrol). There’s a weird light around Bugg, like this is the beginning of something great. I actually hope it is. The best part of music is that it’s forever regenerating itself, giving rise to new forms and new energies. Music doesn’t bend to the forces of physics. Well, if it does, you can hardly tell. Go ahead, Jake, burn the whole world down with your music!

Tell Me, What Makes You Cry?

“Admit it. You aren’t like them. You’re not even close. You may occasionally dress yourself up as one of them, watch the same mindless television shows as they do, maybe even eat the same fast food sometimes. But it seems that the more you try to fit in, the more you feel like an outsider, watching the ‘normal people’ as they go about their automatic existences. For every time you say club passwords like ‘Have a nice day’ and ‘Weather’s awful today, eh?’, you yearn inside to say forbidden things like ‘Tell me something that makes you cry’ or ‘What do you think deja vu is for?’. Face it, you even want to talk to that girl in the elevator. But what if that girl in the elevator (and the balding man who walks past your cubicle at work) are thinking the same thing? Who knows what you might learn from taking a chance on conversation with a stranger? Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence. Trust your instincts. Do the unexpected. Find the others.”

Timothy Leary

(Working up a selection of photos of my Jake Bugg photos, who was at the Neptune Theatre last week.)

Jake Bugg


It Means Everything

I say love don’t need nothing
Left them something worth fighting for
It’s a beautiful war
It’s a beautiful war
It’s a beautiful war

[From the new song, “Beautiful War,” by the Kings of Leon, on their new record, “Mechanical Bull,” on RCA Records.]

Tomorrow night I’ll be at Neptune to photograph Jake Bugg at his sold-out performance. Then, Joan of Arc at the Barboza on Saturday.

Yim Yames