Real Love

I don’t think I’m betraying any secrets by pointing out that Griffin House’s latest LP, “Balls” (Evening Records, 2013) is available for free (100% legal) on NoiseTrade, the artist-driven promotional site. You can share the love with the man and leave a tip, or buy the CD, like I did, for the artifact of it all (I wanted vinyl, because the heart wants what it wants, but there just ain’t none). House is currently on tour. I photographed him at the mighty Tractor Tavern, in Ballard, Washington. A seated show, the first I’ve EVER done at the Tractor. Seemed weird to me. Like texting in church, or something; just not done. Bars are for standin’. Still, standin’ or seated, House is spooky cool live, doing that thing he does, and well worth catching in the act, if you can.